White Zenit Skid Plates

Need a 19/64" or 7.5mm drill bit?

Skid plates protect your board against razor tail and open up a whole new realm of tricks. Designed and manufactured in-house to fit perfectly onto all of our decks, choose the right size in your preferred colour and get skidding! Installation is fool proof; just watch the video down below. When selected as an option on a board, we install them for you.


Package includes (per skid plate) : Optional:


  • Two Inserts
  • Two Screws
  • Two Tape Squares


Small Skid Plate Large Skid Plate

5" Long | 1.8" Wide | Thickness 3/8" 

  • Dino 2.0
  • Jig 3.0
  • Judo 2.0
  • Tero 2.0
  • Bud
  • Dada 






5.875" Long | 1.8" Wide | Thickness 3/8"

  • Cat Nip 3.0
  • Hana
  • Joe 2.0
  • Marble 35 V2
  • Marble 38 V3
  • Marble 40 V3
  • Mini Marble DK V2
  • Mini Marble SK V2
  • Morning Wood V4
  • Tango




Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Best skid plates. Ever.

Seriously, these things have saved my kicktails like no other! Truly an excellent addition for any dancer/freestyle set up.

Jeremy Hover
Good product

Buy them, they are good

Carlos Gomez
First zenit board love these boards!!

Great skid plates, functional and look dope

j williams
great skidplates , regardless of modern deck

I admit to using the Zenit Medium [ for Modern tails] skid plate on another brand deck . It was not bothered by this brand discrepancy and installed perfectly and functions extremely well to prevent my kickttail from abuse when I pop-off of it. A great , reliable and well-made product that is not only for Zenit HW is awesome.

Durable with good pop

Pleasantly surprised with the pop feel. Compared to other skid plates I've tried these feel really good.