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Samuel Sparkowich
Satisfied, worth the money! Although, see notes.

I spent over $320 on my custom deck. Extra nose and tail customizations, special width, and hefty layup. I can tell all the materials used in the layup as well as the paint are top-tier in quality. Even the maple. A++ for quality. My custom deck by Zenit largely is what I wanted, and I see myself riding this until it burns or I get permanently bricked. I may do a more in depth review on Instagram @sparkospeed soon.

Here are some things I would want to mention to Zenit or a future customer:

-Width is measured from the ends of the rails, and is not the usable standing platform width (this is due to the rails’ rounded edge, at least on my Stinger/Rocket mold.)
If you subtract 0.15" from the advertised (total) width, you will end up with the functional width that your foot makes contact with. I've noticed this is true with my custom board as well as a couple Rocket style production models from Zenit in the past.
-My custom board came in without any sort of seal or epoxy on the rails for water protection in case of a puddle or splash. Not sure if this is standard process or a mistake.
-The paint job on my wheel wells and flush mounts do not have perfect borders like typical streamlined production boards do. Although, you cannot see these imperfections more than a few feet away. I personally don't care as a pragmatist.

A BIG THANK YOU to Zenit for accommodating several requests after I submitted an order. The quality customer service was pivotal for me!

William Boxall
Custom board

Fantastic !!! Fast turn around , excellent quality, highly recommended. 5 stars 😊

Troy Fleming
Custom Delight

Zenit longboards, customer service and overall products are just perfect. If your fortunate enough to treat yourself to any of there decks please do so you will not be disappointed. There solid decks with a great attention to detail and craftsmanship.

Lisa Christensen
This board is beautiful and perfect!

I love this board! I took this for a test ride and I LOVE it!!

Custom zenit

Board is amazing obv with custom if depends on what you like and for me the board I made is perfect for my style and concave is solid and for being 6 ply with carbon and fiber glass it's stiff asf
Would recommend zenit they are elite