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Kenny Png
Snappy, Responsive and all round fun

I bought this as a second, smaller board to a Loaded Tesseract that I use as a long distance pumping board (30-40 km on even ground at a pace of 12-15km per hour). I am a big believer in pumping on top mount boards, and i always gravitate towards downhill, freestyle boards like this mIni Marble. So hence, if you are getting this board for teh above purposes, my review may not be relevant. In my case, I needed a shorter, snappier deck for shorter maintenance runs ( 10-15km within an hour). I use the wheel wells as a control mechanism to pump harder when i need to go faster and I prefer concave decks that keep me rooted to the board. The smaller board, fitted with smaller wheels than my main board, is also meant to give me a more intense cardio workout without sacrificing speed ( as pumping on a surf skate does). On all accounts, the Mini Marble SK V2 has been a joy. I have put probably 70 km so far in 4 maintenance runs so far in the 2 weeks i have had this board. I have fitted it with Blood Oranges (70mm) with Paris 50, 180 V3. it has performed admirably. I will be trying it on the slopes soon, but the build of the deck tells me that it will be just as engaging.

Xavier Jeudy
feels good

Does what its supposed to do im 6,2 200lbs and this tiny board feels great

Baur Zacharias
great board, super fast shipping!

The shipping in 3 days from Canada to Zurich is phenomenal!
The board is great for cruising in the neighborhood. Also a first downhill was great.
Kind regards from Zurich

Dean Smathers-Gross

Mini Marble SK V2

Andrew hurst
Awesome board

Nice shape very subtle micro drops that lock you in. perfect for a nice tight stance