Urethane Black Ops 35


  • Product Description

      Length: 35″-88.9 cm

      Width: 9.5″-24.1 cm

      Wheelbase: 22.5″-24.75″-57.1 cm- 62.9 cm


      Visual – The finish on these boards is a special carbon fiber that’s weaved in a camo pattern. Meaning it won’t ever lose it looks due to scratches or long time abuse. The black urethane also ensures a long-lasting look.

      Construction – These unique Urethane/Carbon boards are designed to be ultra light, responsive and comfortable at high or low speeds. A six-axis full carbon shell keeps the board torsionally stiff as well as still having a small amount of flexibility lengthwise.


      Most carbon boards are built with two-axis carbon fiber (0°-90°). Since these directions of fiber don’t enhance stiffness in torsion you have to use it in large amounts. With our six-axis carbon fiber, we can have better torsional flex than most boards without all the extra weight.


      Pressed around a monocoque balsa infused urethane core, you can expect a board that is 100% waterproof. Being one single piece instead of many wood layers ensures almost no delamination over time. Having urethane truck mounts dampens most unwanted vibrations in addition to a special material inside the board that reduces vibrations in crucial areas.


      Concave –  Pressed in our CONFO mold, the concave is a mix of hard angles and smooth curves, giving you something that is present enough to make you at ease at the highest speeds and is mellow enough to still be comfortable just cruising around and carving.  The Black Ops 35 features 1/4 inch micro drops and a 1/4 inch of rocker. – The Black Ops 35 weighs 3.5lb and is suited for people up to 300 pounds.


      Extreme durability, vibration damping, torsional stiffness is what separates these from any other boards on the market.