LUXE Lite Trucks 180 mm Satin Blue


  • Product Description

      *One quantity is a pair (2) of trucks


      The LUXE Lite Trucks 180 are light surfy cast truck. Being 180mm wide gives them a nice easy turning circle, perfect for everything from cruising to the beach to bombing mountain passes. The 50º baseplates are fun and lively allowing for a lot of lean without sacrificing stability.  They also have a hollow kingpin for weight reduction and a more true ride and feel.



      -50º baseplates


      -Hollow baseplate

      -Hollow kingpin

      -Faced hangers

      -Defined bushing seat


      Hollow baseplate and kingpin, meaning the construction allows them to have less material while being the same streghts, makes them considerably lighter, which makes them ideal for dancing or freestyle. The V shape of the hanger makes them stronger than other cast trucks as well to avoid any bending of the axle by any human induced impact or usage.

        To upgarde your ride, we highly recommand getting some higher quality orangatang nipple bushings to replace the stock ones that comes by default with every Luxe trucks.