Zenit the 60's - 76a 60mm


  • Product Description

      Diameter: 60mm

      Width: 45mm

      Contact Patch: 42mm

      Durometer: 76a

      Bearing Seat: Centerset

      Formula: High Rebound Thane / Stone-ground

      Core: ABS

      (Set of 4 wheels)

      The Zenit 60’s were designed to be grippy at slow speed and slidey at higher speeds. They are the best for smaller boards or those who like a lighter setup.  

      The 60's are really easy to kickout, and they keep shape throughout the wheel's life; thanks to the beveled lips. Great and inexpensive wheel for cruising / freestyle / freeride with good roll speed that lasts a long time!   

      Psst.. they thane as f*ck at higher speeds 😉