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Tango my favorite board.

As a previous rider for Zenit. I've tried many many dancers boards, and Tango will always be my favorite. Totally recommended.

Maxim Lebedev
Beautiful board!

I wanted to get into longboard dancing and wanted a unique board. Zenit is fantastic because their builder allows me to spec the board to my tastes. The tango is a nice length and great for learning dancing and tricks! And the color of the board is amazing 😎

Wyndham Reams
Zenit Tango

I honestly don't know where to start with this board. I've been a freestyle/dancer for several years now and gone through at least 6 different boards 3 (tero, Dino, and tango) of which have been from Zenit. This one surpasses all of them in my opinion. The tango feels like it is the final evolution of the smaller dancers that Zenit has produced. I felt more comfortable on this board than any board I've ever ridden, and I will probably be continually buying this board. The wheel base options are a nice add in and the squared off tails allow for some really nice popping leverage. Even as the board wears down it still pops well. This board has made me scared to try any other boards since I like it so much. You will not go wrong with choosing the Tango.

Ádám Békési

Tango - Complete Builder

Evelyn Osiac
Son Loves It

Awesome board! It was for my son's birthday and he loves it! Thanks!