We’re stoked to announce a partnership between One Tree Planted and Zenit Boards!

It’s no secret that the skateboarding industry is heavily reliant on timber. In the name of sustainability, we have decided that from here on out, each time a board is purchased we will plant a tree with the help of One Tree Planted.



Deforestation due to the ever-increasing frequency and scale of natural disasters is a huge concern for the terrestrial lungs of the world. Since these weather bombs have been ramping up as a direct result of man-made pollution, we’ve decided to extend a helping hand in the most relevant way we can. We’re all about the details, and in life, it’s the small efforts that count. By partnering with One Tree Planted, not only can we all (that means you too!) sustain the effort to exponentially repopulate our majestic forests with one tree for every board purchased, but we can create jobs for local communities which would allow people to connect on a deep level with nature, something that goes beyond carbon capture. Tree planting involves more that putting a tree in the ground and patting soil over the roots, it also entails the nurturing of the newly planted seedlings throughout their early development and watching them grow to assure that they flourish into mature adults, which in turn will gradually help restore the harmony in the forest. Eventually, the pre-disaster mutual relationships between flora and fauna can be restored.



Unknown to many people, forests can be amazing resources to alleviate anxiety and depression! Scientists say that even just 15 minutes spent amongst the trees is enough to soothe those affected by these two conditions. What’s more, forests can help to reduce the amount of cortisol found in the body, commonly known as the stress hormone. Since excess cortisol has an adverse effect on the immune system, now more than ever is spending time in the woods a good idea!

This ecosystem is home to around 80% of the world’s terrestrial wildlife, for example insects, birds, rodents, and fungi. Many species that are essential for maintaining healthy forests through fertilization, population control, and the nutrient cycle, are burdened with loss of habitat and forced to flee from these natural disasters. Kickstarting the regeneration of their homes helps them return to natural life where the mutual relationship between primary and secondary producers can thrive once more.  

Of course, everyone knows that photosynthesis in trees is one of the main reasons that we aren’t turning blue while our eyes roll back in our skulls. Oxygen is a by product of cellular respiration, and one of the tree’s main sources of energy along with sunlight and water is, you guessed it, carbon dioxide! While a young tree only captures around 13lbs of it per year, a nurtured adult tree can capture up to 48lbs per year. That means that it provides a huge percent of the gas that we breathe to live, while simultaneously capturing the gas which is causing the greenhouse effect.

There is a plethora of benefits for planting a tree. The ones above are only a few examples of what trees can do for our planet, but you can branch off and find a bunch more reasons on One Tree Planted’s website!


August 26, 2021 — Sam Blondeau