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Brandy Hastings
Mini marble v2

This board is epic hands down the best all around longboard I’ve had so far keep up the great work!

John Gilbert
Great double kick!

First double kick board. Really enjoying it so far. The course grip tape is great. No need to apply aftermarket. The wheel wells are well placed. Overall quality is better than expected. No noticable flex (I'm 215lb). It's just a solid board. Will definitely be coming back.

Top Tier Quiver Killer, especially for People with Small Stance

If you're looking for a versatile board that can perform in the areas of freestyle, freeride, tech slide, and general cruising at a high level, you'd struggle to find a better option than the Mini Marble DK. If you're someone with a smaller stance, this is probably the single best "quiver killer" on the market.

So many great features here. The radial concave, micro drops, and mellowed flares work together to provide a pocket of security and leverage, which allows for easy slide initiation AND control. The kicks gives excellent pop while still being mellow enough to ride on top of them, if you're someone who likes to sit on top of them while sliding.

This board is light, super carvy and agile because of its width, and simply a lot of fun. It would be a stellar beginner board and is absolutely going to perform for even the most experienced skater. If you want to take on big hills and long slides, this will work for you. If you are going down more mellow, slower hills and want to get slidey, the smaller wheelbase is perfect. General cruising and tricks? Check!

It's become my daily board, it truly is a special board.