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Brenna Tan

Love the board! Having loads of fun with it :)

Dino 2.0 - Custom build - Beginner

This is my first board ever and I'm like...old. I opted to customise with Paris V3 trucks (purple), Orangatang bushings (purple) - which to be fair I haven't installed yet - kept the standards for now, zenit flow wheels (teal), white skid plates and transparent dancer grip tape. Got freestyle grip tape by accident I guess, but I'm not mad. I actually think that's okay for now, I'll just carefully scrape off the inner bits once I stop feeling like I'll scrape my face off while riding! :D

The Dino board itself looks quite pinky-purple on screen but in person is this amazing rich, deep purple you could drown in. Lovely. I can't even tell you. The lavender of the trucks and the sweet mint of the wheels really set it off.

If this is going to be your first board - get the tool. The set up came as separate parts, except the skid plates. I have separate tools and could have assembled it with those, but it's so convenient to just have this one compact tool that will do everything. Also - Zenit have a really, really awesome video that shows how to put the parts together. Having never had a skateboard before, it was incredibly easy to put it all together just following along with the video (okay...with lots of pauses and swearing, still though...).

Shippping? Shipping was brilliant! 9 days for a custom board set up to Australia. I really didn't believe the app when it said it was due for delivery today. So good. Packaging is slim-line, but very well done an protected.

The packaging isn't crazy, but it definitely protects the board and cuts down on shipping costs. Enjoy the board!

Mrph R
Well Built!!

Bought two and I like them a lot, the quality is top-notch, and the ride is smooth. will buy them again.

Stephane Gilbert
Perfect Deck - High Quality

This is a great quality deck. I have 9 longboard and this one is amazing!

Cédric Bursens
Happy Dayz

Great service, great deck, great brand!!