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Yellow boy

Love the quality of the board and and I'm satisfied.

One of the magnum wheelpack was opened (not sure if it was done by customs).. one didn't have stickers with them

It didn't come with stickers :( 😭 😭 😭 .. other than that.. Everything else was great. Thanks!


I was uncertain about selecting the BB+ as the board for my very first bracket set-up, but after a few weeks of riding, I know I made the right choice. I did make some tweaks from Zenit's "recommended" set-up, but overall the board is great. The flex feels just right, I feel confident on it during long pumping runs, and as soon as the weather gets a bit warmer, I'm looking forward to getting some serious miles in on this deck.

Custom mini marble sk

I can’t speak highly enough for the craftsmanship and customer service of this company. I absolutely love my mini marble! I’m 5’8/150lbs with a US size 8.5 shoe (mens) - I feel totally locked in to this deck but also free to move around at the same time. It’s a wonderfully weird sensation

Birdseye Maple Tero B-Grade
Smooth & sturdy ride

As a beginner longboarder, this is a technical board that is comfortable to ride. I find it easier to commit to the board so it's helping me improve. The wood is pretty.

Love it


Like it, fun to ride

Chris Lee
Really nice surfskate deck

Feels like a well thought out surfskate deck. The materials and feel are all high quality. The ride is smooth and comfortable for pumping and cruising. I appreciate the lightness, slight flex, and three wheelbase options. Highly recommend for your surfskate needs.

Tai Hong Chen
good service and good quality

the quality of the components are very good

Great board

I like a lot the quality of construction. I'm happy to buy a beautiful board made in Québec. The board provides super stability for the beginner (age 47), which i am. I had a skateboard when i was young and i immediately felt at ease on the catnip. I got a quick reply to my questions before bying, the website is also very informative, i think i read all of it. Shipping was super fast. The back to school discount was very much appreciated. My daughters are a bit jealous, so i ordered another fun board from Zenit which i had in the past, so i can ride with them and share them my catnip on occasion, when they have time for me :)

Tango my favorite board.

As a previous rider for Zenit. I've tried many many dancers boards, and Tango will always be my favorite. Totally recommended.

Black Zenit Skid Plates
Stephane Lefebvre
Zenith Skid Plates - large

Those skid plate are great!!! Ordered 3 pairs. Natural fit on my Marble 40, but also great with my other brand dancers. A must for freestyle. Made in Montreal!

Michael Findley
Great LDP Complete Board

I come from a cycling background...I commute to work to and from work everyday on a bicycle and was heavy into road cycling for a number of years. So I like to be able to tune my setup. I bought the BB complete as my first foray into longboarding (I used to skateboard in my early 20s) so I could try a new discipline. So far, I am really impressed with the BB's a very tweakable package. The brackets let you tune the wedging so finely to get the exact feel you are looking for out of your trucks...the Caliber III Raked trucks can be flipped to further tune the handling of the board...the 90mm roll great and efficiently. The only thing I ended up changing out of the factory setup is the stock bushings of the trucks, but that is neither the fault of the BB nor the trucks as it is solely a personal preference. You won't regret rolling on this board!

A masterpiece

This board is a work of art. The perfect downhill freeride board. Highest quality construction, clean modern design, many custom options. Awesome!

Custom - Jig 3.0
Nadira Jasika
My first dancing board

I am thrilled to finally start practicing my danicng moves on this great board. I am a newbie to longboard dancing, but the board seems really smooth and the flex is just right for me. With 66 kilos, I ordered flex 2. The quality of the board and the grip is great. I would recommend it.

Max Fisher
Little rectangle

I had been looking for a bracket board I could stuff into my carry on for travel, and I am happy I chose this board. it feels great under my feet for both pushing and pumping and is sturdy enough to where I don't have to worry about bottoming out.

Aidan W
What an Amazing and Unique Board

Title says it all, I'm relatively new to longboards, but of the few that I've owned and built this is BY FAR my favourite. The level of customization you can do with their editor is insane and I'm really amazed with how the carbon and paint turned out. The flex with the carbon fibre stringer and carbon bottom is really a great balance for me and makes it a breeze for commuting and carving. The 90mm LDP wheels, while being a bit slower to accelerate than I am used to, hold speed seemingly endlessly along with the Zenit wheel bearings. Mine is equipped with Paris V3 trucks and they fit the board perfectly. Finally, the grip I chose is the standard grip tape, and I find it to be a very rough grip, which I prefer, holds you in place nicely. Overall I am really happy with the board and really look forward to continue riding it.

Custom - Hana
Kenneth Hamilton
For my 8 year old niece...

My 8 year old niece was visiting from NC and she was riding my Jig, and she absolutely loved it. She didn’t want anything less for her birthday. She’s stoked on it. Zenit for the win!

Marble 38 V2 B-GRADE
Joe in Alabama
The best board of my collection, very pleased

I ordered this board for a very special project I was doing and so I found this board's shape, it's construction and build process to be just what I was looking for.
It was priced higher than other boards I was looking at but this Marble V2 38, when I saw it I knew it was the exact piece I was after for a SurfSkate Board. Thanks.

Casey Lane
I love my AZ

I ordered a custom AZ and loved it. But after about three months of riding it broke. Zenit customer service was great and determined the board had too much flex for my weight and replaced it with a standard flex. Thank you! I love it too! The finish on the board is really nice and it feels light and looks really well made. Makes me happy it's built in North America also. I've now compared the Zenit LDP wheels to Orangutang Caguamas and Seismic Speed Vents. I really like them and believe they are in the same quality class. Also, I really love the grip on this board too. I need to find out what they use so I can put it on my other boards. If you're wanting to pump don't get the Caliber trucks. My experience out of the box wasn't great with them. Fine for the rear. My best set up has been a 130mm wedged Bear Gen 6 truck on the front and the caliber dewedged on the rear and I also changed out the baseplate to a Randall 35deg on the Caliber. The Paris V3 truck on the front is nice also. Thanks Zenit!

Dino 2.0
Brenna Tan

Love the board! Having loads of fun with it :)

Custom - DH
Lukas T.
Awesome Boards for a great price

I ordered 2 custom DH decks (Mini Egg & Draft).
I am above 100kg so I choose the extra ply and the carbon options for both decks and they came out perfect.
They are exactly as stiff as i wanted them to be also the graphics came out perfect.
I really enjoy riding them and they are definitely worth the money.
The Customerservice was great too! Very fast, friendly and helpfull.
All in all, perfect!

Custom - Morning Wood V4
Super reactive custom order and even faster shipping. I’m impressed, thanks a lot guys.

Super reactive custom order and even faster shipping. I’m impressed, thanks a lot guys.

The Fuelman
Zenit AZ

Awesome Longboard 😉🤟😁

Golden Bearings

Golden Bearings and with built-in spacers. It's everything I could want. Plus they're at a good price