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Antti Suni
Received warped deck. No response to emails. Zenit deleted this review

Received a warped deck. I sent Zenit an email with a video that shows the deck rocking on 3 different flat surfaces (all single piece MDF). No response for a week after which they finally responded but offered no solution. The degree to which the deck is warped may be up for dispute, but it's warped nevertheless. The fact that Zenit deems it okay to sell warped decks for a full price and doesn't respond to emails is quite frankly appalling. Pantheon would never treat their customers like this. I only recommend buying stock (not custom) Zenit from a reputable dealer with a fair return policy. After I submitted this review, they deleted it and two other 1 star reviews. Hence posting again. I suspect they delete negative reviews frequently.

UPDATE: After exchanging emails with Zenit, they finally agreed to a partial refund. That was two weeks ago now. I haven't received any money back nor further communication from the company.

Hello Av, we sent you an email one week ago and didn't get any answer from your side.

The email was sent by

Here is the content of the email:

Hello Av,

We didn't had any warped deck since 2020... so it is a little bit unusual.

It’s really hard to see the real state of the board in the video. Can you send me pictures like that?


AB 3.0 Amazing LDP

New to long boarding, started out with a cheap board from Amazon and quickly realized I needed something better. After hours of research I landed on the Zenit AB 3.0. This is an amazing board. My setup is the AB 3.0 with the 165MM Paris V3 50 on both ends paired with the Orangatang Kegel and Orangatang Purple Nipples. You need to set the trucks on the outer set of screws to avoid minor wheel bite. The speed, smooth ride, and stability make this an amazing long board. The quality and craftsmanship is unreal. You can tell care was put into this board. I am huge fan of Zenit and will recommend them to everyone I know looking for quality long boards.

Tyler Peters
Better than my landyacht 38" switchblade!

I've been longboarding for over a decade now so I've tried all kinds of boards, from pintails to cruisers to drop boogy boards and this board has to be my favorite thus far. I wasn't expecting much from this board besides its weightlessness, but the way its designed is amazing. From the ever so slight taper that's hardly noticeable to the concave, it's all precision. I've switched the trucks and wheels I originally got with the board (caliber iii 169mm and 90mm zenit wheels) for my 180 x-caliber Madrid pro's and 70mm shark wheels and I have slightly better stability and control. Overall, great product. Will buy again.

Thanks for the love, Tyler! This one will definitely last you a while.

Nicholas Long
Old guy getting back on a board

Really appreciate how stable and easy to push the AB 3.0 is. I’m having a blast

Thanks, Nicholas. We're sure you'll be having a blast for a Long time!

Will Bruce

AB 3.0 - Complete Builder