Unidirectional Carbon Fiber Stringer

As seen in the Zenit AB 3.0's construction :

Increases stiffness, strength, control, and stability while carving and prevents breaking while reducing the weight of the board. A good alternative to adding a Canadian Maple Ply.

*Recommended for all boards you want to stiffen / Add approximately 15% longitudinal rigidity.



Unidirectional Carbon Fiber Cross

As seen in the Zenit Rocket & Mini Rocket's construction :

Eliminates most torsional flexion. By reducing or eliminating torsional flexion, the deck will be more stable and the rider will have more control over the board, allowing them to make tighter turns, maintain better balance, and ultimately have a more enjoyable and efficient ride. A good alternative to adding a Canadian Maple Ply.

*Recommended for Downhill and Freeride boards / Add approximately 10% longitudinal rigidity.



Unidirectional Carbon Fiber Kicktail Technology

As seen in the Zenit Bud's construction :


The rigidity and placement of the fiber in the kicktails enhance the board's pop by more effectively transferring the rider's energy without increasing the weight.

*Recommended for freestyle boards.