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Jig 3.0
Big board for a tiny dancer

This Tony dancer is perfect for a tiny Danza. Well constructed. I ordered the clear tape and the white skid plates. I wasn't expecting the plates to be installed with threaded inserts. This makes them more secure, it's a nice detail.

Sure shot!

You can’t go wrong with these wheels! They are smooth to cruise on, and fun to slide with!

Hana - Complete Builder
Garth Hebert
Hana complete

Rides smooth as butter. Thanks

Hana - Complete Builder
Pretty Board

The board and parts arrived quickly. I liked the options for the complete build. I'm new to longboarding so I can't comment how it dances, but I've been carving snowboards for 25+ years, and I like how turny it is with the caliber 3 raked trucks. The board feels like the perfect size. I didn't realize how dirty the clear grip tape gets against the light wood surface, so maybe I'd go with black grip tape on light colored boards in the future. I kinda wish the bottom looked like the top but it's all good. Great board.

Faisal Latiff
Comfy & Solid Ride

The AZ provides ample leg room, feels secure/stable/ solid with the front leg on the centre line as you push with the other. A slight flex is evident (more flex than the AB3.0) which helps pumping after getting up to speed. I set this up with surfy TKP front, narrower TKP rear + 85mm wheels, and the pump performance is just shy of a top mount with precision trucks. Averaged 17kmh on a debut 8km test... and I am sure it can be pushed further with the right adjustments. Convenient for new entrants to LDP without thinking of brackets or wedges; a fresh feel for some of us who have done it longer. Love thr deck construction & the overall ride feel!

Joe 2.0 All-Around
Ronald Todd Siciliano
A bit disappointed

The board itself is beautiful, but the trucks/wheels have malfunctioned on me in the first week (blew a wheel just riding normally). The board itself is quite a bit heavier than I expected, especially compared to other longboards I have ridden.

Hey Ronald, I'm sorry about the blowout! Why don't you send an email to with pictures and we'll figure out a way to make it up to you.
The Joe is a heavier board, but it is also 9.75' wide, so there's a lot of wood to it. You'll get used to it, though!

Mini Rocket V2
Shogun of Shred
A grip and rip thrasher

I love this board. I like the narrow size of the deck and feel likes it lets me put more leverage over the board because of this the board feels really nimble. The deck is also light and stiff (I’m sure because of the composite construction). I would recommend this board to anyone looking for a narrow grip and rip downhill board. I would also generally recommend Zenit boards, I think this is a high quality brand with reasonable prices and high quality construction.

Cat Nip 3.0 - Complete Builder
adam horn

Cat Nip 3.0 - Complete Builder

Rolls Smooth!

I set up these bearings with the Zenit LDP wheels for a distance pusher. This gives a good combo; it rolls smooth and goes a distance with every push. I have tried various bearings and these are one of my favs!


J’aime mes nouveaux trucks, les bushing venom est une bonne addition. Ils me donne plus de control et des glisses ben plus prédictive que mes vieux trucks.

AB 3.0
Fantastic deck with one limiting personality quirk

Purchased the AB 3.0 back in November and wanted to spend plenty of time with it before reviewing to ensure that I could give honest long-term impressions. The set-up I've been riding the most has been 160mm Cal Standard TKPs w/ a variety of wheels from 80 to 90mm.

The AB 3.0 deck is fantastic; it's low with great wheel clearance for LDP/cruising with admirable rail-to-rail carving ability without any wheelbite to speak of. The deck has a good amount of flex to absorb vibrations over rough terrain or sidewalks making for an ultra smooth ride. The subtle concave and tapered width lends itself to a stable, controllable, and comfy standing platform for longer rides. I honestly love this board, which makes it painful to write about the only big caveat, which I've found mentioned by a few others online as well: the truck mounting holes.

The mounting holes are either not spaced correctly when they were drilled or were drilled at not quite the right angle on my deck. This limits the wheelbase and truck options significantly; my board mounts Caliber Standard TKP and Bear Gen 6 RKP trucks correctly only when I use the longest wheelbase option (1st & 3rd mounting holes) and nothing else. I've tried Caliber II, Caliber III, Paris Street, Paris V3s, Indepedent Stage 11s, and Thunder Hollow trucks and not one of them mounts properly on this specific deck. The baseplate gets jammed up at an angle unless I quite literally hammer the screws in with my skate tool. When/if the screws do go in, they do not sit square with the deck by 5-10 degrees and shave material from within the truck mounting holes.

I like experimenting with my deck set-ups over time and I reached out to support when I discovered this earlier this month when trying to swap over to Cal III RKPs; it's been weeks at this point with no acknowledgement-- I understand it's a smaller operation and we're at the peak of busy season as winter clears, but not a lot of options left on my end.

Hey Zach!
Sorry about that! That was a problem we had with some of our boards before, but we've sinced ironed out the kinks in the drilling process and slightly widened the holes to further avoid this problem.

Birdseye Maple Jig
Stephen Clarke
Great Board!

This was my first longboarding experience and it has been fantastic! Definitely vibe with the shape and the quality is amazing!

Zenit LDPs - 78a 90mm
Faisal Latiff
Rolls over Everything!

Installed these 90mm 45cp wheels on double drop-through for long distance pushing. Fell in love in the 1st km - perfect clearance on a 165mm RKP, rolls smooth, hardly feel small bumps and cracks, and can maintain the roll on a pump (depends on how you pump). Keen to try these wheels on other distance pushers in the quiver!

Sam Chaparro
amazing craftmanship

You can tell a company is dedicated to it's riders when it goes out of it's way to offer multiple customizing options, multiple board options for dancing specifically, and has excellent customer service. I love my Tango board. The many board options constructed offer the perfect ride style for any longboarder beginner to pro. I'm grateful.

AB 3.0
John Goris

The board got here in 2 days super fast and of course I’m in love all over again haha!

AB 3.0
hal piwonka
Love this board !

Beautifully made, not too long, light and snappy. My new favorite ride.

Mini Rocket King
Junior Pedron
Amazing Board! High end construction and finish✨

Just got the board a week ago and I love it. I was at first a little skeptical about the 8.7 width of that mini rocket king because I am pretty tall and my feet are 11/ 11.5”. However, this board feels incredibly good and I actually have just enough room for my feet! I love that its concave and rocker are guiding my feet into the right stance. It just feels very intuitive and natural and to me, that is a sign of a well thought design.

The board feels really stiff and exactly like you would expect it to be like. The wheelbase options are really great and make this board very versatile. I feel locked in and secure when I ride this board, and I know that I can always trust it. I am truly impressed by the quality of the boards that Zenit makes, and I promise you that you can trust them 100%💪🏽 They really do make amazing boards

Judo 2.0
Michael Ahlheim
Super fun board!

I was a little skeptical coming from a regular cruiser to see how a dancer compared, it felt really nice to be able to do tricks on a board again. If you used to skateboard and want to bring that into your longboarding, this deck is great!

Jig 3.0 - Complete Builder
Justin Paselk

Jig 3.0 - Complete Builder

Zenit Dancer Grip
John Goris

Awesome and grippy in the right places haha!

Joe 2.0 All-Around

Joe 2.0
Trevor Wall
Awesome board

I love the Joe 2.0, the larger deck size makes Peter pan's easy. It is such a fun board and the fact it is made in Canada is awesome.

Rocket V4
Jesse Johnson
Hands down 1 of the best.

Top quality board top quality material.
Plus I like that you guys plant a tree for every board that somebody buys or something like that. Please correct me if I’m wrong. That’s the main reason why I buy a boards from you guys.

John Gilbert
Like the Evo, but Better

Platform feels bigger, with its squarer shape and less taper to the neck. Wedge/dewedge makes setup easy. Deck is much thinner than the Evo. It's stiff, but not as stiff as advertised. 210lb rider, and I feel the slightest bit of flex when I stand on it. Plenty stiff, but not what I was expecting. Rides great in TKPs or RKPs. If you're a heavyweight looking for an LDP setup, this maybe be the deck for you. 169mm TKPs with >85mm wheels, feels pretty great. Minus one star for the flex (very slight). Still the 2022 deck I'm most hyped about though 🔥🤙

Best board (buy don’t get the all around)

I ended up customizing this board a lot, but overall it is an amazing board