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Matte Dyno
Matte Dyno (Experimental Dino)

This is the experimental version of the Dino board and this board is a freestyling beast! It was also my first zenit long board and I immediately noticed the snappiness when attempting tricks. The Dyno also excell at dancing aspect which is perfect for anyone who wants to learn longboard tricks. I am happy with my first zenit purchase!

Nelan Sanchez
Hatchet, Excalibur?

Love this shape and the wheelbase is pushing my limits with slides. Incredible board, also got here super fast. 10/10 no complaints

Turquoise AB Maze B-grade
Fun to ride lots of flex. AB Maze

AB maze is a great board and super fun to ride. It's pretty flexy but I also weigh 215.

Simon Oh
Fantastic board for distance push and pump.

Riding AZ has been a fantastic experience so far. I can feel the difference between a cheap longboard from Amazon and this LDP. Turns are predictable, and the push and pump keep on going forever. The speed I can generate from the board is exceptional. I got the 90 mm LDP set up, and I think it was a great choice.


She loves it.

Marble 38 V3 - Complete Builder
Could be great

This is a great board and I love the aesthetic and feel, but it has a fatal flaw of wheelbite, where the wheel wells aren't deep/flared out enough to support lower degree trucks. Having not been able to try it first after customizing a downhill setup, I wish the Zenit team would have told me it was unrideable in the configuration I purchased. They offered suggestions like tightening the trucks or flipping the rakedness, but these change the feel drastically and still resulted in wheelbite, which I personally can't afford from a safety perspective. I would love to keep using Zenit but don't think I can buy from them again unless I can try their boards first or be somehow guaranteed I will receive a setup that is satisfying and safe to ride.

Hana - Complete Builder
Fidel Camacho

What an AMAZING deck I am just in love.
Tiny details about quality (holes for bolts were not perfect smooth and had debris) but that is just because I am ULTRA picky then almost don’t really pay attention to that comment LOL

Custom - AB Maze 2.0
Madeleine Anderson-Clark
Wrong Wheels Sent, Board Is Awesome

I had an awesome experience with Sam, and he walked me through picking out trucks (caliber iii) and bushings for my weight. At the last minute I changed my mind on the ZENIT wheels, and opted for Kegels.

The Zenit wheels came instead, which I think are the same as Cloud Ride Hurricanes. They were recommended to avoid wheel bite, but not what I was hoping for. I went down to my local shop and bought the Kegels. No wheel bite, and the whole setup rides awesome!

Cat Nip V2 B-Grade
Erica Barron

It's great i hope you guys bring this board back

Big and Soft

Moved from my 85mm speedvents to these guys, and I will say that I am definitely a fan. Both of them keep the roll speed up, and while I'm definitely not sure if i prefer the 'vents to these guys, the 90mm LDPS are at minimum at sidegrade to speedvents, and most certainly an upgrade in terms of availability and prices. Snag them for anything that can run them is what I would say!

an absolute beauty

stable as can be absolutely incredible

Daniel Beck

Paris v3 trucks are fantastic as usual but know that if you are getting the xtra flex board it is veryyy flexible. I weigh 170 and I wouldn't get it if I weighed more.

Thanks for the review, Daniel! Are you liking the flex?

Caliber 3s

Best cast truck on the market. Solid, stable, no slip, can’t beat em.


Sweatshirt fits very nicely and the material is super comfortable. Love the design on the back!

Thanks for the feedback, Ryan! Watch out while you're eating mustard now.

Maxim Lebedev
Beautiful board!

I wanted to get into longboard dancing and wanted a unique board. Zenit is fantastic because their builder allows me to spec the board to my tastes. The tango is a nice length and great for learning dancing and tricks! And the color of the board is amazing 😎

AB 3.0
Tyler Peters
Better than my landyacht 38" switchblade!

I've been longboarding for over a decade now so I've tried all kinds of boards, from pintails to cruisers to drop boogy boards and this board has to be my favorite thus far. I wasn't expecting much from this board besides its weightlessness, but the way its designed is amazing. From the ever so slight taper that's hardly noticeable to the concave, it's all precision. I've switched the trucks and wheels I originally got with the board (caliber iii 169mm and 90mm zenit wheels) for my 180 x-caliber Madrid pro's and 70mm shark wheels and I have slightly better stability and control. Overall, great product. Will buy again.

Thanks for the love, Tyler! This one will definitely last you a while.

I love this thing.. It would make a really dope bi-level snowskate top deck (you should market it for this Zenit). I'm considering buying a second one.

Now that's a pretty good idea dude. 'Shred the early bird cord-du-roi with your Morning Wood'. Catchy, eh?

Roberto Moraga
Awesome deck

I feels great, sturdy yet light. Neat designed. My only doubt is if I should’ve gone for the big joe instead. My feet are not super big, but I’m clumsy, so I could use additional room for them to step.

Hey Roberto, have you found your way around the board thus far?

Cat Nip 3.0

Amazing board, those kicks! it just pops like it reallyyy wants to go.
i used to skate a original apex DC 37. But i missed the kicks so much.

AB 3.0 - Complete Builder
Nicholas Long
Old guy getting back on a board

Really appreciate how stable and easy to push the AB 3.0 is. I’m having a blast

Thanks, Nicholas. We're sure you'll be having a blast for a Long time!

Marble 35 2020
Thomas Henson
An Epic Allrounder!

I live in New Zealand and got this deck at the start of a trip to the US. In that time until now I've taken it to my local freeride spots in Auckland as well as a load of others in East Mass and RI. I've also taken it to Maryhill for the fall freeride, Slug Wars, my local pump track and on cruises. For literally all of the above it was sublime! Stiffness was great, cave was very accommodating (albeit a touch flatter than expected - Seismic Lokton very easily molded to it), and it's survived some big curb impacts and drops off of banks! It's also for sure a looker! I found rail matching with center set freeride wheels and Powell Kevos is best achieved with 160mm hangers, but you'll want to go much narrower for other square lipped wheels! Other things I'll mention are that on the 2020 model I received, the rails along the standing platform weren't sharp, and I'm glad I got the older model with supposedly steeper cave, because the latest model may well have been too flat for me. Cheers Zenit, epic board!!

Thanks for the good review, Thomas! Glad it turned into your daily.

Mini Rocket V3
Aidan Redmon
DH newbie

I started getting into freeride/ DH several months ago, riding a freeride board, working on slides, tucking, moderate hills and progressing my way up to higher speeds. Given this is my first true DH board, it's been quite an adjustment and breaking slides with a board 6 inches shorter and an inch narrower has been a good challenge. One thing I love so far is the stability of the board and with minimal space, I'm able to lock my feet in exactly where I want to right away. I can't compare it to other true downhill boards as it's my first but I am loving it so far. The design itself is beautiful and I look forward to progressing my skill and technique. This is the board that will help me achieve my goals .

Marble 35 V2 - Complete Builder
Mrs S
Son’s review - Coolest thing I own!

Wow…everything is just awesome…the board, the Zenit team, their website, their social media interaction. You can tell this company really cares about its customers and has a genuine passion for longboarding. The quality of the deck is outstanding and I'm looking forward to seeing the new version next year. I would highly recommend this company to all longboarders.

Thanks Mrs S's son! We do love skating, and we're happy that you're loving it as much as us.

Snappy, Responsive and all round fun

I bought this as a second, smaller board to a Loaded Tesseract that I use as a long distance pumping board (30-40 km on even ground at a pace of 12-15km per hour). I am a big believer in pumping on top mount boards, and i always gravitate towards downhill, freestyle boards like this mIni Marble. So hence, if you are getting this board for teh above purposes, my review may not be relevant. In my case, I needed a shorter, snappier deck for shorter maintenance runs ( 10-15km within an hour). I use the wheel wells as a control mechanism to pump harder when i need to go faster and I prefer concave decks that keep me rooted to the board. The smaller board, fitted with smaller wheels than my main board, is also meant to give me a more intense cardio workout without sacrificing speed ( as pumping on a surf skate does). On all accounts, the Mini Marble SK V2 has been a joy. I have put probably 70 km so far in 4 maintenance runs so far in the 2 weeks i have had this board. I have fitted it with Blood Oranges (70mm) with Paris 50, 180 V3. it has performed admirably. I will be trying it on the slopes soon, but the build of the deck tells me that it will be just as engaging.

Cat Nip V2 B-Grade
E squared
Another great Zenit deck

CatNip this time in time for my birthday.
Previously Marble 40, Morning Wood V1, Choka and XT-DK. All with particular set of skills. Love graphic and bulletproof construction. Always love the care and innovation poured into each deck. Always love how accessible they are to ride. PS blem-priced was almost invisible, need to be OCD to find it. Great deal.
Keep shredding it 👊👊👊

May be hard to find but we're not going to send you something that's already been nicked. Enjoy!