Carbon Mini Marble SK


  • Product Description

      Length: 34.5″-87.6 cm

      Width: 9.25″-22.8 cm

      Wheelbase: 21.75″-22.75″-53.3 cm- 55.9 cm


      The first carbon variants of our new and beloved Mini Marble SK are finally here and in limited quantities.

      We literally replaced the fiberglass shell for a tougher/stiffer carbon shell. This does not make the board lighter as it has the same wood core, but it makes the board significantly stiffer, more so in torsion. In order to balance out the ”brittleness” of the carbon fiber shell, we also added a Zen-ply on the top of the deck as well as rubber inserts inside the carbon layup. This will dampen more vibrations than your typical board. The Zen-plies also offers great protection against scratches and general use.

      A stiffer construction means that the board will be more responsive to your movements and will help against wheels chattering. This is mainly because the board will bend minimally when sliding at high speeds.

      Overall, this board is for anyone who truly loves carbon or those who are looking for a more race-ready Mini Marble SK.

      Equip it with a pair of narrow precision trucks to make it a hill-eating machine, or assemble it with narrow freeride wheels and wider trucks for the ultimate freeride killer.