Chubby Hawgs | Ocean Teal - 78a 60mm


  • Product Description

      Diameter: 60mm

      Width: 42mm

      Contact Patch: 40mm

      Durometer: 78a

      Bearing Seat: Offset

      Wheel Surface: Stone-ground

      Core: ABS

      (Set of 4 wheels)

      Fattie Hawgs are awesome for any type of riding. Made for cruising and slashing the streets, these wheels are 60mm tall with a nice wide contact patch of 40mm. This gives the wheel agility and grip when pumping around but still allows you skate your local park or shred around town.

      These wheels are also great for speed checks and sliding. They're small, but they'll be fun all the way through to the core, plus they come stone ground so they'll keep that same buttery slide throughout their entire life. You won't be disappointed with these rippers.

      The Chubbies may be small but they can be a big upgrade for your skateboard. Their offset alignment and stone-ground finish gives you a comfortable ride with optimal grip for quick/tight turns.