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Quick Shipment & Quality Product

Zenit shipped so quickly! The board arrived exactly as described and I am loving it so far!

Sim B
Top Notch Board + Amazing Custom Design

If your considering ordering a Zenit custom, just do it! You’ll be blown away by the process and the sweet one of a kind deck that comes out of it! Such an amazing collaborative design process! They make it super easy to tailor to your tastes and preferences, and their team is a joy to work with! As far as the AB itself, perfect LDP to cruise the neighborhood and commute! Love it! Thank you Zenit!!

Ross Lewellen

I bought this board to do long distance pushing and it does that so well. The deck is about 3 inches from the ground with 85mm wheels and paris street trucks. Pushing has never felt so easy and there is plenty of standing platform. That's what I was most worried about being 6'1". It is a pretty flexy board and I like that alot aswell really makes the ride more fun and you can use said flex to pump. Super glad with my purchase I've put 35 miles on it so far. I doubled my 4 miles push my first day and keep progressing. If you wand a good board for cruising or ldp this is it.

Timothy Smith
Great Experience

The folks at Zenit helped me decide on a setup. They were very patient during the order process and provided me with knowledge on various aspects of their products. When I did finally submit an order they had the board to me in under 3 days! Enjoying the riding experience so far and I will be back for more when the time comes.

great board

im so glad i got this board. its super stable & cruises for such long distances. im a bit new to boarding so the drop helps me consistently place my feet in the same spots, & also the lowness makes it easier to push since i dont have to lean down as far. it turns perfectly fine. not as sharp as my sisters pintail but thats to be expected.

i got the basic set up that zenit recommends & have a small bit of wheelbite. its sublte enough that i didnt notice until i looked at the bottom of my board but its still there. my trucks arent loose either. my only other complaint is zenit doesnt have a setup video specific to this type of board. i followed along their other one on youtube & accidentally top mounted it at first because i wasn't thinking lol

id give this 4.5 if i could but the only options are whole stars