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Must have

First let me start by saying Zenit got this board to me insanely fast, it was ordered and delivered the week before Christmas. Very impressive for that time of year.The quality of the board is top tier. Also being an old school vert/street skater from the 80's I really appreciate a tail.I set it up with Paris V3's 150mm with a 50/43 split, and Seismic Mango Tailwinds, no risers needed. The board pushes effortlessly, and pumps great too. The concave is comfortable, and the drops provide nice snuggle spots. Will definitely be riding more Zenit's in the future, great job guys

Simon Oh
Fantastic board for distance push and pump.

Riding AZ has been a fantastic experience so far. I can feel the difference between a cheap longboard from Amazon and this LDP. Turns are predictable, and the push and pump keep on going forever. The speed I can generate from the board is exceptional. I got the 90 mm LDP set up, and I think it was a great choice.


Super longboard!
Livré rapidement



Alex Chan
Good ldp board

I have ridden this board for about 80km now. I just want to say that this board is well made. Feels light. The wedging helps with pumping and the drops helps with the pushing. The kicktail makes it easy to kick the board up.

I think this board would be a good introduction to long distance pumping. No need to mess around with wedges. Just slap on some standard non-precision trucks, maybe adjust the bushings and you are good to go. With the kicktail and the single piece construction (which means no need for brackets), this board should also be suitable for daily commuting.