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Customer Reviews

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Erica Barron

It's great i hope you guys bring this board back


Amazing board, those kicks! it just pops like it reallyyy wants to go.
i used to skate a original apex DC 37. But i missed the kicks so much.

E squared
Another great Zenit deck

CatNip this time in time for my birthday.
Previously Marble 40, Morning Wood V1, Choka and XT-DK. All with particular set of skills. Love graphic and bulletproof construction. Always love the care and innovation poured into each deck. Always love how accessible they are to ride. PS blem-priced was almost invisible, need to be OCD to find it. Great deal.
Keep shredding it 👊👊👊

May be hard to find but we're not going to send you something that's already been nicked. Enjoy!

Maggie Ortmeyer
Love it!

Great quality and customer service per usual! Love this board, it’s everything I was hoping for!

Great freestyle board

This board is really versatile. You can set it up for freeriding, bombing hills, or freestyle and even dancing. Though it is shorter than other dancers, it is usable for this style. My preference with this deck is to use it for freestyle. I set my catnip up to use at street skateparks because it is compact enough to hit a lot of street type spots like grinding rails, boxes, ledges, banks, etc.. I did set mine up with skateboard trucks and wheels (independent trucks and powell-peralta park wheels) but have also ridden this deck with paris trucks and butterballs wheels which it handles excellently. I do like how zenit offers skid plates; however, if you do purchase them make sure you tighten them as soon as you open the box.