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Andrei Khvalei
What a board it is!!!

I’m happy to be an owner of such board. This deck is capable to do a lot of fun staff… Thanks

Timothy Nguyen
Fantastic Freeride/Freestyle Board

I got one of the few Marble 38s made with Birdseye Maple. It's a beautiful, lightweight and sturdy board. It's great for freeride and really shines when you're going downhill and initiating slides. The board feels strong and stiff at higher speeds - the construction is definitely top notch.

Personally, I would've liked more drastic wheel flares to lock in my feet when sliding, but that's just my preference and I can't fault the board for that. Other features like the wheel wells are great. They completely eliminate wheelbite with 50° trucks and 70mm wheels, even carving as hard as possible. The kicktail is great for freestyle. Though I mostly use this board for freeride, I'd feel extremely comfortable journeying through the city.

Whether you're looking for a strong board for fast freeride, or a lightweight, versatile setup for freestyle, this board has it all. I look forward to pushing this board till its final hill. Also, the shipping was blazing fast! I hope Zenit gets more recognition. These boards and components are top of the line.

William Tolentino
Cool board

I like it

SO Close to being the Perfect Freeride Board

Zenit's Marble 38 is a great deck. It has a number of great features squeezed in here: flushmounts, micro drops, radial concave, prominent wheel flares, and a large kick. For some people, this combination will create a locked-in pocket that allows for stellar control while sliding, as well as lots of pop for tricks.

For me, however, it has one too many features. I wish one of the flares, prominent kick, or micro drops were eliminated. Rather than creating a clean, comfortable pocket that allows me to easily initiate slides while also locking my toes in while getting sideways, the crammed features leave my foot at a somewhat awkward angle in order to keep my foot in a stable position. I'm glad the new flares and kick have been mellowed out, and I hope they get even more mellow on future versions. If I could pick, I'd take the wheel flares down a good bit more and just sacrifice the ability to use extra-large wheels. I think there's space to soften those flares without losing wheel clearance to a harmful point.

That criticism aside, the board is still amazing. It has loads of pop and thrives most as a freestyle-freeride hybrid. If you like to use the tail when sliding, this board is going to feel wonderful. Some people will love the pocket for downhill tucking, even though I don't. The kick is a bit too long so I struggle to keep my rear foot in a nice, secure spot while tucking. As with any downhill board, though, a lot of that is just personal preference. I don't mind a boaty feel, I think it's a great design that maximizes the standing platform while still giving room to move my feet around. I just think the kick is a bit too long and prominent.

Overall, the Marble 38 is THIS close to being a perfect freeride board, imo. Mellower wheel flares and a shorter tail would make for a much more comfortable rear foot pocket without losing security. I highly recommend this deck for anyone getting into freeriding, especially if that person also wants to do a bit of freestyle. Few single kick topmounts will ollie as easily as this thing. Zenit continues to push themselves and respond to rider feedback in their designs. The Marble is here to stay, thankfully, and it continues to get better with each new edition.