Prototype Cyber Marble 40


  • Product Description

      Length: 40.5″- 102,85 cm

      Width: 9″- 22,85 cm

      Wheelbase: 24.75″ – 25.75″- 60,95 cm – 63,5 cm


      These Cyber boards are the pinnacle of longboard engineering, single ply core, carbon fiber shell, and urethane sidewalls/truck mounts. What makes our urethane boards special is the fact that there are no joints in our sidewall, eliminating almost 100% of delamination. Also, another thing to point out is that we are the only one to connect the truck mount and the exterior urethane, this will help with keeping the bumpers in place and making sure that the board doesn’t fall apart over time.

      The carbon fiber shell consists of a 4-axis carbon layup that is finished with a sweet layer of camo carbon fiber. The 4 axis composite layup will help with torsional rigidity while keeping your board nice and snappy over the years.

      Get yourself a Zenit Cyber board at a discounted price, these prototypes are around 150-200$ cheaper than what the production models will be.