TINEZ Skateboard


  • Product Description

      Unreleased Tinez Skateboard! (zenit backwards)

      It features everything you like from your regular skateboard with a crazy construction. Fiberglass on both sides with a Zenply© on the bottom for infinite slides without wearing out the graphic. An unidirectional carbon fiber stripe goes across the two trucks giving a resistant and strong feel to the deck. In the middle of that, we used 5 plies of maple to make the deck thin and light without altering it's durability. All of this is pressed with the same strong epoxy we use in every Zenit boards. This deck will last you a lot longer than every regular skate decks on the market.

      The shape is comfy and pronounced at the same time to feel locked in your ollies and to be able to ride around nicely. It features a wide nose for a good flick on flip tricks and a round tail for a proper scoop. The nose is slightly more angled and longer than the tail to create a snappy tail and a catchy nose.

      Length : 31.8''

      Width : 8.25''

      Wheelbase : 14''