Zenit LDPs - 78a 90mm


These 78a, 90mm wheels with a 45mm contact patch are ldp behemoths. They maximize the distance between each push and maintain remarkable speed while making it over anything from cracks in thestreet to pebbles on the sidewalk. With a diameter that makes them roll for what seems like forever, the LDPs also make cruising and carving an endlessly enjoyable experience. 

Diameter: 90mm

Width: 50mm

Contact Patch: 45mm

Durometer: 78a

Bearing Seat: Center set

Formula: High rebound

Core: Ultra resistant

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Alex Ng
Big and Soft

Moved from my 85mm speedvents to these guys, and I will say that I am definitely a fan. Both of them keep the roll speed up, and while I'm definitely not sure if i prefer the 'vents to these guys, the 90mm LDPS are at minimum at sidegrade to speedvents, and most certainly an upgrade in terms of availability and prices. Snag them for anything that can run them is what I would say!

Faisal Latiff
Rolls over Everything!

Installed these 90mm 45cp wheels on double drop-through for long distance pushing. Fell in love in the 1st km - perfect clearance on a 165mm RKP, rolls smooth, hardly feel small bumps and cracks, and can maintain the roll on a pump (depends on how you pump). Keen to try these wheels on other distance pushers in the quiver!