Rocket V5


Grip Tape
Customizing lets you sort through the different graphics, colours, grips, trucks, wheels and more.

Downhill Longboard

Length: 33.5" / 85 cm
Width: 9.75" / 24.75 cm
Wheelbase: 21 - 23.3" / 53.25 - 59 cm

Weight (Board Only): 5 lbs / 2.25 kg

Stiffness: 10/10
We recommend riders above 400 lbs / 180 Kg get a Hard Flex in the Custom Builder App so they can experience the intended feel of the Rocket V5.


Downhill: 10 / 10
Freeride: 8 / 10

What's in the Box?

-> This "Complete" comes gripped with free Zenit Built-in Bearings and Hardware, on top of the specified trucks and wheels. The complete board is shipped unassembled so, if you don't own one already, we recommend the purchase of a Skate Tool to setup your complete board.

-> The "Board Only" comes gripped with love as shown on picture.


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*Custom colours, graphic swaps, and construction modifications can extend the deadline by up to one month.

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360 Days Warranty

The Zenit team stands behind each and every one of our boards.
Although it is unlikely that you will need it, we are proud to provide a one year warranty.

Find out more

It’s all about the details.


Our boards are designed and produced in house in Montreal. Developped, manufactured, & detailed with love.

Straight to the stratosphere!

Locked into the board’s acute wheel flares, you’ll be in full command of your course throughout the whole journey. The extra room for your foot over the front truck facilitates the weight transfer for slide initiation, and more wheelbase options have been added so you have nothing but the most precise control upon entry to your favorite hairpin. Both old school and new school trucks are compatible.

With a new shape and deeper wheel wells than the V4, the V5 is compatible with even bigger wheels, which means you can attain higher speeds. No need to look up to see a Rocket blast off; this one goes under your feet and is rider approved to break Earth’s gravitational pull.

Functional Design

Mission Control

Huston, verify maximum wheel clearance due to a 1/8th inch wheel wells.


Verify unshakable rocker induced foot placement.


Verify helmet strap.


Checklist clear. Prepare for liftoff.

Quality Over Quantity

A cosmic craft precisely engineered for high-speed navigation. Seven plies of Hard Rock Canadian Maple are laminated by a bio sourced Greenpoxy resin between two sheets of ultra resistant pre-tensioned triaxial fibreglass. Further reinforced by both a strip and a cross of
unidirectional fibreglass, this craft is entirely torsion resistant.

Simplicity enthralls; complexity gets lost in the cacophony.


Painted onto the inside of the fibreglass, the colours withstand no abrasion and remain an integral part of the board forever.

Custom Rocket V5

Sort through the different graphic, colour, grip, truck, and wheel combinations. See what the board will look like before you buy it!

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Luke Smith
Rocket v5

Amazing board beyond pleased with it

charles maschal

so, My board a couple weeks ago was ran over. There was a mild crack in the tail, and after riding it, said crack has not gotten worse because of the carbon seemingly holding it together. The Subaru that came flying around the corner going 30 mph in a 15 mph zone was another story, as we both made the fun realization that these boards have more structural integrity than the door of a car, and that I can be the one to press charges not them.

For context, my rayne demonseed or what was my demonseed was an affront to god. I curbed it going 15 mph and the nose detonated, and I like my longboards to not be frag grenades, and I was pleasantly surprised as this board can both do the same amount of damage and not sacrifice itself in the process.

Kicks so much ass

I've had my rocket v5 since September. It started as a eboard revel kit deck but I just recently decided that I wanna use it for what it's designed for. As my second board from zenit I had pretty high expectations as I pretty much learned to freeride on a draft. This thing combined with a footstop freerides like a motherfucker, it's like doing a revert on a skateboard and is frankly easier to control and manage within the slide than a 38 inch symmetrical double drop. Downhill is also it's own demon because back where I used it as an eboard it was probably the best board I've tucked on. I've ridden landyachtz loaded rayne arbor and sector 9 and I can confidently say zenit is top teir.

My next boards gonna be a marble 35 custom so I can use this thing for raw balls to the wall Downhill with stupidly expensive race wheels and precisions down the line.

Jesse Johnson
Hands down 1 of the best.

Top quality board top quality material.
Plus I like that you guys plant a tree for every board that somebody buys or something like that. Please correct me if I’m wrong. That’s the main reason why I buy a boards from you guys.

Anthony W
Solid as a rock

Just started skating the Rocket V4. After tweaking my truck/bushing setup with it, I can already tell this will be the only board under my feet for a long time. After some light bombing and free ride, this board hasn’t even reached its full potential. Standing on this board improves my tuck and boosts confidence immediately. Top notch board, unparalleled to anything I’ve ever skated.