Zenit Boards is a Montreal (Quebec, Canada) based company that started rolling around 10 years ago. Since then, more than 100 different shapes and styles have been created to reach the perfect design for every aspect of longboarding.

With our Hands

Each board is manufactured in house, meaning we don’t do business with second-party manufacturers. Every board is 100% designed and produced by hand in our workshop in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Driven by our passion to

manufacture high quality, innovative longboards.

Our boards are designed entirely with CAD software. We thoroughly test our prototypes before putting them on the market, monitoring the finest details of quality by designing and building each board in-house. Our plant is fully equipped with tools such as a customized CNC, hydraulic presses and an oven.


We experiment with many combinations of wood finishes and unique tinted epoxy patterns,andwe take pride in our products. We work hand in hand with local artists to immerse the essence of Montreal and its local charm into our boards.

+150 Prototypes

We prototype each board thoroughly and really try to keep in mind the variety of riders there are out there. Trying every possible truck and wheel combination, making sure everyone can run their preferred setup and never have to worry about wheelbite, incompatible trucks, and many other things of the sort is part of the process. Endless setup options.

Finished to Perfection

Each board is sanded by hand to perfection just like a surfboard. We have a detailed five step process that gives our boards their unique rail and edge pattern, making them more ergonomic and longer lasting. It’s tedious, but it makes for a high-end result for skaters to enjoy.

"Surf / Snowboard" Materials

We only use Epoxy resin, the same that is found in the snowboard/surf industry to laminate our boards.

When the two epoxy agents are fused and heated, there's a superior bond is attained. The solution is absorbed into the wood grain which merges the plies and the epoxy together. All of this results in a longer lasting board in terms of stiffness, pop, lamination and overall resilience to the elements.

Canadian Maple Veneer

We use the highest quality Canadian Maple veneers, which are typically used only for top and bottom plies on most skateboards on the market right now.