Orangatang Fat Free - 80a 65mm

$ 911.00

Diameter: 65mm

Width: 45mm

Contact Patch: 37mm

Durometers: 80a

Bearing Seat: Offset

Formula: Happy Thane

Core: high-strength, high-stiffness, heat-resistant urethane

If you’re ready to lean out your diet, the Orangatang Fat Free is the key to maintaining your board’s cardiovascular health and freeride/freestyle figure. 

The Orangatang Fat Free Longboard Skateboard Freeride Wheel has set the standard in modern freeride longboard wheels. If the Fat Free could handle the demands of a Muirskate Shop rider, it can definitely handle anything you can dish out.

Made of Happy Urethane (Hi-Rebound Urethane) we can say that you will have less worries of getting stuck in cracks and having those small rocks wedge under your wheel bringing you to that instantaneous and unexpected stop.
We have had so much fun charging hills and throwing big slides down big hills in San Diego, it's going to be really hard to find a wheel that matches the predictability into and out of slides like the 86a and 83a Fat Free Freeride wheels.

We are really excited about the longevity and smooth sliding abilities of the Fat Free Freeride longboard slide wheel. Be sure to constantly rotate your wheels though for longer life of the wheel.

Purchase price includes set of 4 wheels.