Camo Marble 40 V3 B-GRADE

894,00 zł

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Cosmetic defects only (slight white spots between Zenply and camo). Pictures shown are examples of what your blem deck may look like, although imperfections may vary.

This deck rides the same as our others with more carbon fiber strings (unidirectionnal, cross and kicktail technology), warranty is still applied.

For board specs and additional information, click here: Marble 40.

To grip this board, choose the grip you would like from the Griptape section.


Lenght: 40
Width: 9" / 22.85 cm
Wheelbase: 22.75 - 25.75" / 57.75 - 65.5 cm
Deck Weight:
Weight Limit:

What's in the Box?

-> Complete comes gripped with free Zenit Built-in Bearings and Hardware. The complete board is shipped unassembled so, if you don't own one already, we recommend the purchase of a Skate Tool to setup your complete board.

-> Deck comes gripped with love

360 Days Warranty

Zenit team stands behind each and every one of our boards.
Although it is unlikely that you will need it, we are proud to provide full year warranty.

Learn more here for specification

It’s all about the details.


Our boards are designed and produce in house, in Montreal. Produced, manufactured & detailed with quality meterial.

Functional Design

Quality Over Quantity

Simplicity enthralls; complexity gets lost in the cacophony.


Painted onto the inside of the fibreglass, the colours withstand no abrasion and remain an integral part of the board forever.

Custom Camo Marble 40 V3 B-GRADE

Sort through the different trucks and wheels combinations to see what your dream Camo Marble 40 V3 B-GRADE would look like!