Cat Nip 2.0

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Push / Freeride / Feestyle Longboard

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Great board

I like a lot the quality of construction. I'm happy to buy a beautiful board made in Québec. The board provides super stability for the beginner (age 47), which i am. I had a skateboard when i was young and i immediately felt at ease on the catnip. I got a quick reply to my questions before bying, the website is also very informative, i think i read all of it. Shipping was super fast. The back to school discount was very much appreciated. My daughters are a bit jealous, so i ordered another fun board from Zenit which i had in the past, so i can ride with them and share them my catnip on occasion, when they have time for me :)

Benoit Mosse

Cat Nip 3.0

E squared
Another great Zenit deck

CatNip this time in time for my birthday.
Previously Marble 40, Morning Wood V1, Choka and XT-DK. All with particular set of skills. Love graphic and bulletproof construction. Always love the care and innovation poured into each deck. Always love how accessible they are to ride. PS blem-priced was almost invisible, need to be OCD to find it. Great deal.
Keep shredding it 👊👊👊

May be hard to find but we're not going to send you something that's already been nicked. Enjoy!

Scarlette-Kitty Tran
It is fun

I don't know much about construction or boards as I am a beginner. I got the blem board and chose all the parts instead of the complete because I had a budget and would like to keep in budget.

The board had two blue stains which does not bother me. This board is very stiff. I have jumped on it alot out of frustration and it does not bend. It is well built and I really like the cat drawing. It was one of the reason I bought it.
The shipping was absurdly quick. I ordered it and it arrived the next day.
Right now, I am learning so I can't tell you what it is good for, but I am having lots of fun. Old people often see me in the park and offer wise comments such as : " You need to be moving to be learning".

casey clayton
Great quality

I haven’t used this deck yet, but I am extremely satisfied with my purchase. The quality is amazing. I purchased a blemished deck, and I’m glad I did. A great deal. This company is now my favorite brand, and I will most definitely spread the word.