Jig 3.0 test

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If you're looking for the perfect dancing board, you've found it. With plenty of room for your happy feet, the bounce of the Jig 3.0 is complemented perfectly by the Paris V3's deep, reliable carves to make cross steps and peter pans plenty surfy. On the Zenit Flows, you'll be have a cruising and dancing ready wheel that can even be used for slide shuvits and anything else you want to put it through.

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    Kenneth Hamilton
    Zenit Jig 3.0

    Such a solid longboard. Beyond quality materials, it’s the craftsmanship behind each build that truly makes Zenit boards stand out. I could not have bought a better board. I’m so glad I went with Zenit. Big thanks to Sam and the whole Zenit team.

    jake randall
    Do it

    Things huge, of course. Ride is amazing especially on park trails and sidewalks. With the tails it pops like a board half its size. Things dope 10/10 gonna get another one when this one goes

    Big board for a tiny dancer

    This Tony dancer is perfect for a tiny Danza. Well constructed. I ordered the clear tape and the white skid plates. I wasn't expecting the plates to be installed with threaded inserts. This makes them more secure, it's a nice detail.

    It's Pink. It's perfect!

    Great pop, great carve, all around great board. So glad I got it cause it's now my favorite ever

    Manni Wang

    Jig 3.0