AB Maze 2.0


Customizing lets you sort through the different graphics, colours, grips, trucks, wheels and more.

Push effortlessly around town and down the street on a complete that rolls forever! This cruise oriented setup is low to the ground and maintains momentum thanks to the Independent trucks and the new Zenit LDPs. The Independent STG11 trucks are light and last a lifetime, while the LDPs 90mm diameter make the ride feel like it never loses its speed. 

Length: 33.25" / 84.5 cm
Width: 8.75" / 22.25 cm
Wheelbase: 28.5" / 72.5 cm

Weight (Board Only): 3.5 lbs / 1.6 kg

Stiffness: 7/10
We recommend riders above 260 lbs / 118 Kg get a Hard Flex in the Custom Builder App so they can experience the intended feel of the AB Maze 2.0.


Long Distance (LDP): 9/10
Cruise: 9/10

What's in the Box?

-> This "Complete" comes gripped with free Zenit Built-in Bearings and Hardware, on top of the specified trucks and wheels. The complete board is shipped unassembled so, if you don't own one already, we recommend the purchase of a Skate Tool to setup your complete board.

-> The "Board Only" comes gripped with love as shown on picture.


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*Custom colours, graphic swaps, and construction modifications can extend the deadline by up to one month.

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360 Days Warranty

The Zenit team stands behind each and every one of our boards.
Although it is unlikely that you will need it, we are proud to provide a one year warranty.

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It’s all about the details.


Our boards are designed and produced in house in Montreal. Developped, manufactured, & detailed with love.

Find your way with the Maze!

The Maze is a casual and compact version of the AB 2.0. Pressed in the same mold, it features everything you need for an enjoyable long-distance push.

The double drop brings the deck's standing platform close to the ground. This year, the slightly stiffer construction has been designed to provide maximum pumping potential while avoiding bottoming out. Its abrupt cut-outs and absence of kicktails noticeably reduce its weight to make this long distance pusher as portable as any other cruiser out there. The very same cut-outs are now home to newly designed wheel wells so you can fearlessly ride those big wheels you've been dying to go fast on!

Functional Design

Smooth Sailing

The AB Maze is laminated with Greenpoxy, a bio epoxy that makes the board extremely water resistant. You'll never have to worry about rain when you're out on a journey again.

Quality Over Quantity

Bio sourced Greenpoxy laminates two sheets of pre-tensioned, pre-cured triaxial fibreglass to four plies of Hard Rock Canadian Maple and one central Poplar ply. Put together, you have a water resistant distance board,

It goes without mentioning that the fibreglass eternally protects the graphic from rocks, curbs, and worst of all, speed bumps. That’s right, the graphic’s there forever!

Simplicity enthralls; complexity gets lost in the cacophony.


Painted onto the inside of the fibreglass, the colours withstand no abrasion and remain an integral part of the board forever.

Custom AB Maze 2.0

Sort through the different graphic, colour, grip, truck, and wheel combinations. See what the board will look like before you buy it!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Kyle C
Wow this custom AB 2.0 is phenomenal

This is the epitome of a perfect board in for cruising and carving. I use it for LDP and cruising and I put 7km in the city this evening and it was stupendous, as with my original AB (from 7 years ago) to now the AB 2.0 w/unidirectional carbon fiber stringer it much livelier and had enough give to soak up large ruts in Montreal's roads but its in no way a plank of a downhill. It's tough to describe how the board feels but if I had to try I'd say it's expertly balanced in its flex profile and feels spritely er than any board out on the market with what feels like lossless emerge return from what you five into it weather it be carving without losing speed or hitting a pothole or bad sidewalk. Most other longboards make it through the pothole or crack in the road but they lose their energy and you slow down a lot this board feels like the equivalent of a hockey stick in the sense that it will Flex when pressure is applied to it and rebound the energy that was giving in if not more than 100%, again truly hard to explain the feeling of the this board! I built it with the New 165mm Paris v3 trucks, orange Orangutang knuckles bushings among with the orange Orangutang Kegals how wheels and Zenit bearings boy ooh boy I could not have asked for made a board better than the way it feels. He's a head turner too! People see and admire it from far and have had 4 people today ask me about it and noticing how effortlessly far I'm going with one measly little push I go about 60-75ft on smooth pavement! Thanks you guus so much for crafting boards of this caliber for the price you guys have your boards at. Genuinely you guy's' boards are so insane they could be 2x the price and I'd buy it again in a heartbeat. If you know how superb this board is then it will always be a a nonregretable desision. You only live once and I want every time I go out to board for it to be as best as it can be. Zenit are the only ones who achieve that.

Thanks for everything! The service was very helpful, humble and knowledgeable.

Quick Shipment & Quality Product

Zenit shipped so quickly! The board arrived exactly as described and I am loving it so far!

Sim B
Top Notch Board + Amazing Custom Design

If your considering ordering a Zenit custom, just do it! You’ll be blown away by the process and the sweet one of a kind deck that comes out of it! Such an amazing collaborative design process! They make it super easy to tailor to your tastes and preferences, and their team is a joy to work with! As far as the AB itself, perfect LDP to cruise the neighborhood and commute! Love it! Thank you Zenit!!

Ross Lewellen

I bought this board to do long distance pushing and it does that so well. The deck is about 3 inches from the ground with 85mm wheels and paris street trucks. Pushing has never felt so easy and there is plenty of standing platform. That's what I was most worried about being 6'1". It is a pretty flexy board and I like that alot aswell really makes the ride more fun and you can use said flex to pump. Super glad with my purchase I've put 35 miles on it so far. I doubled my 4 miles push my first day and keep progressing. If you wand a good board for cruising or ldp this is it.

Vincent A.
Great board for cruising!

The AB Maze 2.0 is a great board for cruising, its low profile makes pushing significantly less strenuous even for beginner cruisers. The board has quite a bit of flex, which may require getting used to but upon adjusting for this, the flex helps out a lot in transferring energy from each push. If you are not a fan of high-flex boards, make sure to add additional maple ply and it will be great!

Hey Vince, thanks for the review!

Is the flex the reason you gave four stars, or could we have done something better to get that fifth one?