Custom - Mini Marble SK V2

GRIPTAPE Gripped - with Roam Coarse Grip (12)
TRUCKS Caliber III 158mm 50° RAKED Black Trucks [CAL-III-BLK-158-50] x1 (80)
WHEELS Orangatang Fat Free - 83a 65mm [OTNG-FF-83A] x1 (69)
SKID PLATES Black Zenit Skid Plates (preassembled) [SP-L-BLK-1] x1 (15)
BUSHINGS No Bushings
RISER PADS 1/8'' Riser Pads [RISER-PAD-1-8] x1 (4)
SKATE TOOL Skate Tool [SK8-TOOL-BLK] x1 (12)

Customer Reviews

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Luxe cruiser

My use case for the Marble SK is somewhat unusual - I was looking for a compact, lightweight, locally manufactured top mount to accelerate my up-skilling process (slowed down by a fast and stable but decidedly not slidey and nimble double drop). The Marble SK exceeded my expectations in terms of its build quality and thoughtful design - the combination of a low-key kick tail and mild concave results in intuitive, comfortable and reasonably varied pockets for both feet. It’s rigid, responsive and quite nimble. Zenit offers great matching components on its website and world-class personalized customer support - mine is set up with 50 degree raked Caliber IIIs and purple Fat Free wheels. It’s a very lively yet forgiving setup. I’ve swapped the Fat Frees with soft Snakes for slide practice and have been impressed by the Marble’s versatility - it’ll let you appreciate the difference in ride and slide quality without compromising on comfort, stability or safety. I was considering the MWv4 or the DK variant but am super happy with the SK - I won’t be bombing massive hills with it and its compact, versatile, stable and portable package likely means I’ll get more use out of it than I would of the alternatives. Great job Zenit - highly recommended!