Orangatang Nipple Bushings


  • Product Description

      Orange (Soft): 80-180 lbs / 35-85 kg

      Purple (Medium): 160-230 lbs / 70-105 kg

      Yellow (Hard): 200-270 lbs / 90-125 kg

      Looking for a more responsive feel out of your trucks? The Nipple bushings are super high rebound barrels perfect for cruising, freestyle, pumping and carving.   Sold as a set of four (4), including four thin and strong flat washers. Nipples are NOT recommended for every truck on the market, but they do work well with Paris, Tracker Fastracks and Randals (among others).

      The first release of Nipples will feature three hardness ratings: soft, medium, and hard. These are roughly equivalent to ratings of 85a, 87a, and 89a on the Shore A durometer scale. The reason we’ve chosen to use a relative hardness scale for our bushings is that Nipples feel and respond differently than many equivalently rated bushings, due to their dimensions. The Nipples feature a slightly larger-than-average diameter that is intended to provide more leverage against the hanger and more meaty volume to compress in every turn. Combined with a double barrel configuration, this allows for a predictable initiation and very consistent resistance throughout the hanger’s travel, even in softer durometers.

      Recommended weight ranges for lower speed (under 20 mph) riding are below. For faster riding, we recommend going harder.