Zenit Built-in Bearings

  • Rust free chrome material
  • Single-side sealed for faster cleaning
  • Built-in spacers and speed rings
  • Abec 9 grade. Made with precision.
  • Nylon protection on the outside to keep dust out
  • Pre lubricated for a fast spin straight out of the package
  • Set of 8 bearings 


              Customer Reviews

              Based on 4 reviews
              Joseph DeMato

              They go weeeeee

              Faisal Latiff
              Rolls Smooth!

              I set up these bearings with the Zenit LDP wheels for a distance pusher. This gives a good combo; it rolls smooth and goes a distance with every push. I have tried various bearings and these are one of my favs!

              Real nice, have lasted me a long while

              I usually skate with Bronson bearings in their various price points. They usually last me between 4 to 6 months. I'm not the kind of skater to take my bearings apart and lube them, I just don't have the kit. I got a Dino and bought these to go with it. I've been super happy with them, I love that they have the built in spacers so I don't have to keep track of more tiny parts, and they have been amazing for me about a year later.

              Now I'm going on my second summer with these bearings, and I can't feel them getting any slower. Thanks Zenit!

              sid Kinsley
              Black and gold Zenit bearings

              I take back my two stars. 4 is better