Zenit Flow in Teal - 65mm 78a


  • Product Description

      Diameter: 65mm

      Width: 45mm

      Contact Patch: 39mm

      Durometer: 78a

      Bearing Seat: Centerset

      Formula: High Rebound Thane / Stone-ground

      Core: ABS

      (Set of four wheels)

      The Zenit Flow was designed to be the perfect all around wheel suitable for the majority of the boards on our line up. At 65 mm, it's big enough to be a freeride wheel, small enough to be a cruiser wheel, and ideal for dancing.

      Poured around a centerset core, the urethane grips at low speeds and is nice and easy to kick out sideways at high speeds, especially thanks to the rounded lip. 

      If you're looking for a budget wheel to start longboarding and cruising around or to learn how to slide and dance, you've found the right one! Choose between white, pink or teal!