Customizing lets you sort through the different graphics, colours, grips, trucks, wheels and more.

Push effortlessly around town and down the street on a complete that rolls forever! The AZ's wedged shape promotes pumping in the front and stability in the back. Enjoy precise turns thanks to the Paris trucks and maintain momentum on the new Zenit LDPs. The Calibers let you choose whether you want rake or not, and the LDPs 90mm diameter make the ride feel like it never loses its speed.

Length: 38" / 96.5 cm
Width: 9.5" / 24 cm
Wheelbase: 28.5 - 29" / 72.5 - 73.5 cm

Weight (Board Only): 4.3 lbs / 1.85 kg

Stiffness: 6/10
We recommend riders above 250 lbs / 114 Kg get a Hard Flex in the Custom Builder App so they can experience the intended feel of the AZ.


Long Distance (LDP): 10/10
Cruise: 10/10

What's in the Box?

-> This "Complete" comes gripped with free Zenit Built-in Bearings and Hardware, on top of the specified trucks and wheels. The complete board is shipped unassembled so, if you don't own one already, we recommend the purchase of a Skate Tool to setup your complete board.

-> The "Board Only" comes gripped with love as shown on picture.


Canada and USA

Free Shipping for orders over  $200 CA / $150 US 

We offer fast and secure shipping for all longboards in 1-3 days, guaranteed.

*Custom colours, graphic swaps, and construction modifications can extend the deadline by up to one month.


Shipping Worldwide 

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*Custom colours, graphic swaps, and construction modifications can extend the deadline by up to one month.

Learn more here for shipping specifications

360 Days Warranty

The Zenit team stands behind each and every one of our boards.
Although it is unlikely that you will need it, we are proud to provide a one year warranty.

Find out more

It’s all about the details.


Our boards are designed and produced in house in Montreal. Developped, manufactured, & detailed with love.

Evolving Innovation

A sturdy long distance pusher with a tail. Take it off curbs and over speed bumps, all while keeping the graphic pristene.

A 10° wedge and 13° dewedge make for a lively carve in the front and a less sensitive truck in the back. The extra truck angle at the front helps you pump, and the lower angle in the back reduces the truck's angle for a damper turn.

Functional Design

A tail? On a distance board?

You bet! When a pesky pedestrian directs your sidewalk surfing off the curb or you heading for a great big crack in the road, having a tail to get the front wheels up off the ground can keep away scratches and stress fractures. If you ride it with Zenit LDPs, you could probably hold a rediculously long manual too.

Quality Over Quantity

A bio sourced epoxy laminates six plies of Canadian Maple into a rigid, water-resistant core that’s protected by a sheet of pre-tensioned fibreglass on either side, eliminating warping entirely. A solid board with ideal flex.

Simplicity enthralls; complexity gets lost in the cacophony.


Painted onto the inside of the fibreglass, the colours withstand no abrasion and remain an integral part of the board forever.

Custom AZ

Sort through the different graphic, colour, grip, truck, and wheel combinations. See what the board will look like before you buy it!

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Tai Hong Chen
good service and good quality

the quality of the components are very good

Aidan W
What an Amazing and Unique Board

Title says it all, I'm relatively new to longboards, but of the few that I've owned and built this is BY FAR my favourite. The level of customization you can do with their editor is insane and I'm really amazed with how the carbon and paint turned out. The flex with the carbon fibre stringer and carbon bottom is really a great balance for me and makes it a breeze for commuting and carving. The 90mm LDP wheels, while being a bit slower to accelerate than I am used to, hold speed seemingly endlessly along with the Zenit wheel bearings. Mine is equipped with Paris V3 trucks and they fit the board perfectly. Finally, the grip I chose is the standard grip tape, and I find it to be a very rough grip, which I prefer, holds you in place nicely. Overall I am really happy with the board and really look forward to continue riding it.

I love my AZ

I ordered a custom AZ and loved it. But after about three months of riding it broke. Zenit customer service was great and determined the board had too much flex for my weight and replaced it with a standard flex. Thank you! I love it too! The finish on the board is really nice and it feels light and looks really well made. Makes me happy it's built in North America also. I've now compared the Zenit LDP wheels to Orangutang Caguamas and Seismic Speed Vents. I really like them and believe they are in the same quality class. Also, I really love the grip on this board too. I need to find out what they use so I can put it on my other boards. If you're wanting to pump don't get the Caliber trucks. My experience out of the box wasn't great with them. Fine for the rear. My best set up has been a 130mm wedged Bear Gen 6 truck on the front and the caliber dewedged on the rear and I also changed out the baseplate to a Randall 35deg on the Caliber. The Paris V3 truck on the front is nice also. Thanks Zenit!

The Fuelman
Zenit AZ

Awesome Longboard 😉🤟😁


Super longboard!
Livré rapidement