Canada Shipment

- We only use FedEx Express because it is the most professional shipping company for local shipments.

- It is fast, secure and they require a signature from the receiver.

- Due to our large amount of shipping with FedEx, you can benefit from a 70% discount to the regular rates.


    Package Arrival Time (1-3 business days) 

    1. We usually have your package processed and shipped within 1 business day.


    2. Then, you will receive an e-mail from FedEx with your tracking number and the estimated delivery date. (Check your spam e-mail if you didn’t receive an e-mail within one business day.)


    3. You can usually expect your package within one to three business days after your package leaves our workshop.



    - If there is no one at your address, FedEx will usually call you with the phone number provided.

    -If there is no answer, FedEx will try to deliver the package the next day and two days later.

    -If there is no answer after those three attempts, they will hold back the package at the nearest FedEx store for 7-14 days.